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Rose watched her, hoping that at the last moment, Emma decides to stay still.

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: Yeah, yeah, then all of a sudden, this guy pulls out a gun. That's what I'm talking about because that's the only way you're going to get better. Well, they usually have a very good sense of humor. Well, I knew any delay is gonna cost her her pinky toe, so I got out of the seat and I started walking towards him. You meet a proctologist at a party, don't walk away. He says, "Where do you think you're going, Cracker Jack? Like where Freud studied and have all those people looking at you and checking up on you. Plant yourself there, because you will hear the funniest stories you've ever heard. Every proctologist story ends in the same way: "It was a million to one shot, Doc.

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George's lady gets mono(nucleosis) and he's off sex.

George Constanza simply echoed the feelings of a billion men around the world. She feels that people can figure out just by looking at her that she is on a date.

They like it when nice guys look after their needs, play equal partners, and be supportive.

This is a beautiful woman walking around naked, and you want to tell her to stop!? I mean, it's incomprehens-- I'm not gonna let you do it! This is something that comes about once in a lifetime.

: It became very clear to me sitting out there today that every decision I've made in my entire life has been wrong. Well, you're weak, spineless, a man of temptations, but what tempts you? If someone asks me, "which direction is Israel," I don't go flying off the handle.