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week to Birthday Ideas to keep you filled with fresh ideas for the ones you love. I wanted to make sure and surprise him with an awesome party he’d never forget.

He was born in 1980 so I thought throwing an 80’s party would be perfect! To keep this super secret I emailed all my husbands friends and family a few months in advance, to clue them in and get them started on looking for their perfect 80’s Prom attire.

Sending out an invite way in advance helped people clear their schedules and guaranteed us a good turn out.

On the day of the big party Jason arrived home where this note was left for him with a home made boutonniere complete with silk flowers, a hot pink cumber bun, and bow tie which I found for super cheap on Amazon.

I wrote an entry on this site for 1000 straight weekdays from 2008 to 2012 while processing the loss of my marriage and a close friend.

From huge 80’s earrings, to fingerless lace gloves, to bangin’ wigs and extensions, to the biggest dresses and hair you have ever seen our friends were decked out!This company was so great and so helpful and they have every color of bow tie you could imagine for your 80’s attire needs.After my hubby read the note, I came out of hiding, ALL dressed up in my 80’s prom attire.The story of Queen Esther, a Jew, is a story of God’s sovereignty over her and the rest of God’s people and timing is everything.King Ahasuerus ruled over an enormous empire, stretching from India to Ethiopia, and when he gave a banquet for the nobles and governors (Esther 1:4), the king requested the beautiful Queen Vashti, in order to show her off to his guests.He totally knew we were going to be doing something crazy, but he had no idea what was in store…