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According to Deutsche Welle, Angelika has issued a statement of confession in which she primarily blamed her husband for the crimes.In keeping with Germany’s privacy laws, both their shared last name and the last names of their victims have not been released.He may simply be calling you to inform you that he doesn’t like you, and doesn’t want to see you again, but is calling because he promised he would.(This has happened to dozens of friends of mine.) He Will Be On Time – Germans are sticklers for being on time, so if you agree to meet at a restaurant at , he will be there waiting at and not keep you waiting.Whatever their reaction is, you learn to crank it up a few notches in your interpretation. What we Americans consider friendly small talk, Germans find a waste of time.Your German family has schooled you on the fact that those cute leather shorts you imagined your husband wearing as a young boy are actually Bavarian, and not typical elsewhere in the country.Germans have rules for almost everything, but apparently waiting 2 days to call so that he doesn’t appear desperate is not one of them.

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There’s no playing “will he show, or not show” games in Germany, which is a relief for anyone who has ever been stood up desperately trying to convince the waiter that your date is simply running an hour late.

And the calculus is simple: If she doesn't know you're interested, your chances are nada -- if she can't ignore your come-ons, at least she's got to make a decision.

German women, though, have become conditioned to a much more subtle style of coquetry.

One small square window peeks out of the house’s triangular attic, while two square windows sit below it.

Unlike a structure born from a child’s imagination, though, this was a house of nightmares.