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You already get your emails delivered to your Black Berry wirelessly through your cell phone carrier, but still have to connect your Black Berry to your computer with a USB cord in order to sync it with your Outlook calendar, contact and task information.This means you don't get updates to these valuable folders when other people edit them while you're out of the office; and others don't see your updates until you get back into the office. You can customize the signature added to email sent with your Black Berry either by using the Black Berry Desktop Manager or directly from the Black Berry itself.To change or delete your auto signature from your handheld: Note: Your signature does not appear while you are composing an email message on your handheld.When using Black Berry Travel, Calendar appointments are not being updated with changes to the itinerary.Synchronization to the Black Berry Calendar is enabled by default and can be modified if desired.

Similarly, email messages deleted from the Microsoft Outlook inbox are not deleted from the Black Berry smartphone.

I can do a Google search and get results but when I try to click through to the website/web page, I see "Safari cannot...

The touchscreen on my iphone 6 plus broke, so I went to Apple and they told me I can replace it for the same model for a small fee.

I just got a 6 plus and can't type in messaging, on FB or in Notes. Although the charger is connected the battery life keeps going down. Can someone give me the proper procedure here, or why it isn't working.

I have the latest software update and version 9.0Been reading that this has been a problem in the past. However, when using the go90 application, you will be charged according to your data plan unless you're connected to a Wi-Fi connection. I have an i Phone 6 and this morning it quit charging at 98% and it will not charge anymore. I try to delete emails from my inbox, but they somehow keep showing up back in my email box.