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Pisces dating a scorpio man

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Dishonesty breaks the trust which is the base of every relationship.So if either one of these Water signs are cheating, it will leave the other one torn to shreds.

It is driving me crazy how much I need him to be only mine.. Hi I am a Pisces women and am married to a Scorpio man. All I can say is that Scorps are loyal once married. It's creepy how he is exactly like everyone described their guy to be.

The compatibility between the Pisces woman and Scorpio man is based on the principle of 'opposites attract each other'.

This write-up illustrates more about whether the Pisces woman is compatible with the Scorpio man in a love match or not.

Once these two fall in love, it is very rare that they will part.

There is something friendly, yet very deep about their love.