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Part one of this report on European airline market structure and consolidation highlighted that the top twenty airline groups in Europe hold 75% of seats.

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The doctors were worried that the baby was going to need to be delivered and there was an emergency delivery team on standby.

Fortunately, further scans revealed the baby was fine and after six days, Allen finally emerged from the coma, but paralyzed.

Feelings of gloominess or sadness after an orgasm have been widely reported.

And differing sex drives can be an issue in relationships.So if you’ve got the laundry list going through your head, ‘I’ve got to pick up the kids soon, before I get the car, I’ve got to do the oil change’, there will be no orgasm in your life.” Disappointingly, Dr Prause claims that 15 to 20 per cent of women are physically unable to orgasm, which is known as being “anorgasmic”.It’s not all bad news though, as women are apparently having much better sex than we were decades ago.Dr Prause says women are: “More desired, less functional, more likely to initiate sexual encounters, more likely to report orgasms from sexual encounters.” What’s more, our ability to orgasm is actually hereditary, Dr Prause reveals: “Orgasm is heritable; that means that, genetically, people whose mums had orgasms and orgasmed more consistently are more likely to orgasm themselves.” Whether you feel bold enough to ask your mother about her orgasmic history is your call.Orgasm is generally regarded as the ultimate goal of recreational sex. Throughout the ages, orgasms have been described in countless ways and to varying degrees.