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When does willow start dating oz

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Oblivious to their hormone-fueled angst, villain Spike chose precisely then to kidnap them and lock them in an abandoned factory.).

Alone and more or less waiting for death, Willow and Xander gave into their urges and started making out.

Willow from the Wishverse, we're talking about real clues--dating all the way back to the first season. Willow played for both teams, Willow plays for one. Give us five minutes of your time, ten if I'm feeling really verbose, to wander through the psyche of our beloved Ms. And please, what straight woman would fall for Xander in high school? Compare this to later in the season, during Bad Eggs, when a very gay and more confident Willow smirked smugly to herself while the rest of her health class worried about teen pregnancy.

You know, you forget about them as soon as they're done.

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That little innocent schoolgirl thing is just, uh, just an act, right? I mean, he said he was gonna wait until I was ready, but I'm ready. Buffy: Well, I think it's nice that he's not just being an animal. That’s when she met Oz, an adorable guitarist who made no secret of his interest in her. Xander, upon being rejected by Buffy, eventually struck up a dalliance with a cheerleader named Cordelia.The two began a tentative flirtation, rendering Willow appropriately smitten. After a bit of a rocky start, they settled into being boyfriend and girlfriend. We're in my daddy's car, it's just the two of us, there is a beautiful, big full moon outside tonight.