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However, Vest's many critics in the industry say he is acting mostly out of self-interest.

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Sign up now Already have an account with Able Thrive? very morning, Garrett Mayersohn waits about 30 minutes before he can get out of bed, then gets help taking a shower, going to the bathroom and shaving.We enjoyed each other's company, so why not see where this could go? If we weren't going to be dating, maybe I didn't have to tell him exactly how serious my slight limp actually was.We'd known each other for a year and a half already, so he knew that I had mild cerebral palsy, a neuro-muscular disability that occurs when the brain's cerebellum is damaged, usually at birth.Ryne Sherman, an FAU professor who focuses on personality and social psychology, believes that the evasive answers Mayersohn receives aren’t conscious responses.“Part of physical attractiveness, and this is deep-rooted in our evolutionary history, is this notion of disease avoidance,” Sherman said.

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“So if you see somebody who looks sick, you don’t want to kiss them, you want to keep your distance from somebody who looks sick or ill.

My older brother tried his best to teach me about comebacks, but the lessons never stuck. And so it happened one summer night in 2007 that I was mute when a college writing professor told me: “Your disability is the most interesting thing about you.”My disability, which I’ve had since birth, is cerebral palsy (CP), a neuromuscular disorder.

I was a horrible liar, and we both knew it, but I had no choice. It, uh, helps with balancing."A few Captain and Coke-fueled seconds passed before I used the liquid courage to tell him the truth.

There was no possible way I could tell him that when I reached into his coat pocket and took his hand—to this day the only bold, romantic gesture I have ever made—it was because I thought he wanted me to. He stayed calm while I explained that I thought he was cute, funny and kind. Embarrassed and disappointed as I was, I also felt a bit relieved.