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We affirm the Court of Appeals and hold that the de facto parentage doctrine does not apply under the circumstances present in this case. Conclusion¶ 18 Because no statutory void exists in this case, as it did in L. Their parenting plan granted primary residential custody to Reimen, and Frazier had alternating weekends and some holidays. F.'s de facto parent and sought residential time with her based primarily on L. Pursuant to CR 12(b)(6), Reimen moved to dismiss the petition. Unlike most parents, however, the respondent, Carvin, had no legal parental status. B., and Carvin then filed suit to establish her legal parental rights.¶ 8 In our opinion, after discussing and analyzing various statutory provisions, we concluded that no statutory means existed by which the respondent could establish her parental status, and we found it necessary to fashion a common law remedy. Taking into account the original intent and agreement of the parties and the lack of a statutory remedy, we fashioned a remedy to fulfill the parties' agreement. The legislature has provided a statutory remedy for a stepparent seeking a custodial relationship with a stepchild by enabling stepparents to petition for custody.¶ 15 Corbin argues that he has established a prima facie case that he is M. As the Court of Appeals reasoned below, however, the correct starting point is not whether the de facto parent test has been met. But here, the petitioner is a third-party to the two already existing parents, which places him in a very different position than the respondent in L. These differences, as well as the presence of a statutory remedy available to Corbin, support our conclusion that the de facto parentage doctrine should not extend to the circumstances in this case.¶ 17 Moreover, the de facto parent test we applied in L. could not, in the stepparent context, be applied in a meaningful way. A two-time WWE Divas Champion, her second reign of 301 days is recognised as the longest in the belt's history, beating AJ Lee's previous 295-day record.While some fans have speculated about Nikki's connections apparently helping her career, it wasn't until she faced off with Carmella on Smack Down Live last week that such accusations were made in a WWE ring."I guess this is why he and I are soulmates - we have the same type of sense of humour," she said."I was like, 'Oh my gosh, whoa, I can't believe you actually said it!

Analysis¶ 6 This case comes before us on a CR 12(b)(6) motion to dismiss presenting only a question of law, whether a stepparent may acquire de facto parent status when the child has two fit parents. They agreed to conceive a child with the intention of forming a family, and the petitioner gave birth. B., Reimen and Frazier chose to have children and form a family. B., Reimen's and Frazier's status as legal parents was established at the outset. The legislature has created and refined a statutory scheme by which a stepparent may obtain custody of a stepchild. 637, 645, 626 P.2d 16 (1981) (discussing former RCW (1973)). RCW , like former RCW , specified that “[t]he court shall determine custody in accordance with the best interests of the child.” Following enactment of this new chapter, the Court of Appeals recognized the legislature's intent to continue the prior law in In re Custody of Stell, 56 Wash. In Shields, as in Allen, the action was brought by a stepparent.¶ 14 This intertwined judicial and statutory history illustrates the legislature's ongoing intent to create laws accommodating stepparents who seek custody on or following dissolution.'"Sometimes we do those things and we try to be as PG as possible, but sometimes a little bit of our real personality comes out."Everyone got to see that for a quick second.But to be honest I found it hilarious."."We know John's sense of humour and I have to say I'm the same - I have the same sense of humour so I found it funny."Watch Total Bellas on Sundays at 6pm on E!The 27-year-old actress said in the September issue of Harper's Bazaar U. that she wanted "to try everything" following her split from her last boyfriend, co-star Robert Pattinson. "Some people know that they like grilled cheese and they'll eat it every day for the rest of their lives. If I have grilled cheese once I'm like, 'That was cool, what's next?'" Stewart has dated several women, including singers So Ko and St. She told the magazine she has totally committed to each person she's been with. And really, truly, believed in it and never felt confused or struggling."I am the future, and I have no problem making you the past," Corbin said to Cena, who replied, "You a skinny, fat, loud-mouthed overrated dumpster fire," to the crowd's delight as they began chanting "dumpster fire" throughout the segment.