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Is there any risk to consolidating financial statements

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In order to get a broad view of a company's financial situation, you must look not only at the company's financials, but also the financials of its subsidiaries.

Consolidated financial statements provide a way for investors to get this wholesale view for companies such as Fed Ex and Berkshire Hathaway.

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Such information includes additional details or explanations of items in or related to the basic financial statements, consolidating information, historical summaries of items extracted from the basic financial statements, statistical data, and other material, some of which may be from sources outside the accounting system or outside the entity.

When a company owns all the common stock of its subsidiaries, the company doesn’t really need to publish reports about its subsidiaries’ individual results for the general public to peruse.

Shareholders don’t even need to know the results of these subsidiaries.

2013-008.] This section provides guidance on the form and content of reporting when an auditor submits to his client or to others a document that contains information in addition to the client's basic financial statements and the auditor's report thereon.

The auditor's standard report covers the basic financial statements: balance sheet, statement of income, statement of retained earnings or changes in stockholders' equity, and statement of cash flows.