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Error updating symantec endpoint protection

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Executable images and DLLs are memory-mapped when they are used, which makes it impossible to update core system files after Windows finishes booting.The Move File Ex Windows API has an option to delay a file move until the next boot.Understanding the skills you need and how cloud affects IT operations and networking will help you adapt.The Dev Ops movement brings application development and infrastructure operations together to increase efficiency and deploy applications more quickly.With the current low prices for servers and the need for processing power, even a small company may end up with quite a few of them.If ten years ago it was still common to see an entire company using just one server, these days that's no longer the case.

To resolve the issue, uninstall both Live Update and Endpoint Protection, and then proceed with a clean install of both applications.These registry entries are a REG_MULTI_SZ data type, which specifies each operation in pairs of file names: the first file name is the source location, and the second is the target location.Delete operations use an empty string as their target path.Any Service Pack or hot fix that update in-use, memory-mapped files install replacement files into a temporary location on the computer, and use Move File Ex to replace files that are otherwise in use.Move File Ex simply records commands in the Pending File Rename Operations and Pending File Rename Operations2 values under the registry key HKLM\SYSTEM\Current Control Set\Control\Session Manager.Make sure you are connected to the Internet to use Live Update after it is installed.